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At Jigsaw Homes Group* we are committed to providing an excellent service to our customers. However, we realise that things can occasionally go wrong. If this happens to you or if you feel our service doesn’t meet your expectations, then we want you to let us know and we will always try to resolve your problem as quickly as possible.

*For the purpose of this statement, Jigsaw Homes Group includes and refers to the following Group members:-

  • Adactus Housing Association
  • Aksa Homes
  • Beech Housing Association
  • Chorley Community Housing
  • Jigsaw Homes Midlands
  • Jigsaw Homes Tameside
  • New Charter Building Company
  • Jigsaw Support

The purpose of this statement is to ensure that any person or group of people who are affected by an activity or service carried out by Jigsaw Homes Group or any of the listed companies above operating as part of the Group, can access the appropriate policy to resolve their complaint.

What is a complaint?

Complaints are different to everyday enquiries such as reporting repairs, rent enquiries or reporting anti-social behaviour issues. Everyday enquiries are not covered by this policy.

We would define a complaint under our policies as:

‘An expression of dissatisfaction about a Jigsaw Homes Group action, lack of action, or standards of service; where an initial response has not proven satisfactory’.

Who can make a complaint?

A complaint can be raised to Jigsaw Homes Group by any person or group of people affected by an activity or service provided by the Group including:

  • Current tenants and members of their households
  • Former tenants
  • New housing applicants
  • Leaseholders
  • MPs and Councillors
  • Advocates of the complainant such as friends, relatives or other representatives (prior written consent from the complainant is required)
  • Residents of Group neighbourhoods/those who have been affected by Group activities and services
  • Clients/customers for some contracted services (some contracted services are not covered by our policies)
  • Anybody affected by Group activities and services.

There are some circumstances where we will not accept a formal complaint. However, in some of these circumstances we may still internally investigate to ensure we continue to provide the best possible service. Such circumstances include but are not limited to:

  • Anonymous complaints
  • Complaints that have previously been fully investigated in-line with our policies
  • Where you are telling us about a problem for the very first time (we will treat this as a request for a service)
  • Where you are asking for clarity of our policies and procedures
  • Insurance claims, these will be handed to our insurers
  • Where the issue took place more than 6 months ago
  • Reports of anti-social behaviour as these are dealt with elsewhere in the organisation
  • Reporting a repair for the first time
  • Service charges/rent (We will accept complaints about the quality or frequency of work paid for via service charges)

There may be other circumstances where it is not appropriate to follow our complaints policies – for example, where a complaint is part of on-going legal proceedings, a Right to Buy or Right to Acquire process or a complaint which does not relate to a service we provide. In these circumstances we will contact you in writing to explain why the complaint cannot be considered under our policies.  If there is a more appropriate service or team to progress the matter in a suitable way, we will also signpost you to this service.

How a complaint can be made

We are happy to receive your complaint in a variety of ways to suit you. You can log a complaint by:

  • Calling us
  • Visiting us in person
  • Emailing  or writing to us
  • Submit an online form
  • Social media
  • Any other appropriate method of communication
Complaints process

All our frontline employees are able to help customers who want to make a complaint; if they can’t help a customer themselves, they will help the customer find someone who can.

If you need to make a general complaint you should refer to the Complaints Policy HEREPlease also refer to our customer guide to complaints HERE.

You can refer to our Self Assessment Compliance with the Complaint Handling Code HERE.

If your complaint is specifically in relation to money or debt advice, please refer to our Money Debt Advice Complaints Policy HERE.

Jigsaw Homes Group is committed to providing a fair, consistent and accessible service. We believe that everyone who contacts us has the right to be heard, understood and respected. We believe that our staff have the same rights, and the Group must provide a safe working environment for our staff. Please refer to our Unreasonable Behaviour Policy (against Jigsaw Homes representatives) HERE.

If you are unsure which policy to refer to or wish to find out more about making a complaint, please email us on or call 0300 111 11 33.

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