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How we allocate our homes
We allocate our homes primarily to people with a housing need.

Up to half of our homes are advertised directly on Rightmove and offered to people with a housing need on a first come, first served basis.

Homes available now – Click here to visit Rightmove>>.

In addition to this, in Tameside we operate a Local Lettings Policy.  This allows us to make rehousing offers that fit with local community needs.  We can offer priority to working households and people with community connections in Tameside.

Register & Bid

Please Note: Due to the high demand for our homes in Tameside we are receiving a much larger than usual number of applications; many more than the homes becoming available. This means, it is taking us longer to process applications. We are working hard to house people and families in emergency housing need across Tameside and prioritise applications in housing priority Band 1 .

Out of the 593 lets in Tameside this last year, only 28 were from applicants on Band 3. It is very difficult to provide an exact waiting time, because this will vary depending on your priority band, how long you have been in your band, the type of property you need and your choice of areas. For more information on our priority bands please see the relevant chapter below.

Click here to register and bid for a home in Tameside>>.

All customers need to be aware that we will charge two weeks rent in advance before we issue keys to our homes.

How we prioritise applications

Following a housing needs assessment, applicants accepted onto the scheme will be placed in one of the following bands. (this is not an exhaustive list).

Band 1

  • Assisting those suffering domestic abuse or racial harassment
  • Assisting the local authority with homelessness in the area
  • Assisting ex armed forces personnel with suitable homes
  • Moving into first tenancies (from supported housing)
  • Care leavers with support package
  • Inhabitable home as confirmed by a local authority.
  • High Medical or Welfare: The condition of your home is affecting your health so seriously that it is, or could become, life-threatening, or
    –  You have a disability that is long-term and your accommodation restricts your mobility so much that you can’t carry out most day to day tasks.
    –  You have a condition that means you are at risk of admission to hospital or residential care because there are critical safety concerns in your current accommodation.

Band 2

  • Assisting those moving for employment or for education
  • Moving to provide family support or for caring purposes
  • Applicants that can demonstrate connection to the local community i.e. volunteering
  • Over-crowding in current tenancy
  • Moving because they can’t afford where they currently live
  • Moving into first tenancies (from family homes or currently staying with family/friends)
  • Relationship Breakdown
  • Lodgers
  • Medical or Welfare: You have been assessed on medical or welfare grounds for needing to be rehoused, but don’t meet the high medical or welfare criteria as described in Band 1, or your accommodation is inadequate because it is affecting the well being of a person who is disabled or in ill-health.

Band 3

  • Under-occupancy of current tenancy
  • Those who do not fall into Band 1 or Band 2 but still have an element of housing need and meet eligibility criteria.
Housing for over 55s

Jigsaw Homes Tameside manages a variety of over 55s housing, (bedsits, flats and bungalows) across Tameside and the neighbouring areas.

These schemes are designed for communities of older people. In order to qualify for consideration for this type of housing, people will need to be aged either over 60, or over 55 with a support need, which would normally be evidenced by them being in receipt of a disability benefit.

Customers indicating an interest in this type of housing will be asked to provide additional details including the areas they would most like to live.

Over 55s housing vacancies will be advertised once. Should there be no eligible bidders; direct offers will be made from a traditional style shortlist of eligible applicants.

Extra Care schemes

Jigsaw Homes Tameside has a number of extra care units. In addition to traditional housing services, residents of these properties benefit from additional care support services commissioned by the Local Authority. All extra care vacancies are offered to Local Authority nominees.

Change of circumstances

During the course of an application, it is likely that a customer’s circumstances may change. Customers are required to advise us promptly of these changes. To do this, simply complete the relevant form below.

Where customers deliberately withhold information about a relevant change in their circumstances, this may lead to their application being withdrawn or action taken to recover a tenancy they have been offered.

Relevant changes include changes to the people included on the application, the accommodation available or any community contribution or caring arrangements which have been incorporated in the banding decision.

- Remove a person form
- Other changes form
- Change of address form
- Add a person form
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