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Jigsaw Homes Tameside manages a variety of sheltered housing schemes, (bedsits, flats and bungalows) across Tameside and the neighbouring areas.

These schemes are designed for communities of older people. In order to qualify for consideration for this type of housing, people will need to be aged either over 60, or over 55 with a support need, which would normally be evidenced by them being in receipt of a disability benefit.

Customers indicating an interest in this type of housing will be asked to provide additional details including the areas they would most like to live.

Sheltered vacancies will be advertised once. Should there be no eligible bidders; direct offers will be made from a traditional style shortlist of eligible applicants.

Extra care services

Jigsaw Homes Tameside has a number of extra care units. In addition to traditional housing services, residents of these properties benefit from additional care support services commissioned by the Local Authority. All extra care vacancies are offered to Local Authority nominees.

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