You Said – We Did: Jobs and Skills

The views and experiences of our residents are at the heart of our plans, helping us to make the changes needed to improve our neighbourhood services. We want to have on-going conversations to make sure that your needs are central to what we do. After all, it’s the people who use our services who know and can tell us how we can help make things better.

Through Jigsaw Rewards we have created a platform to allow residents to give us regular feedback on our services and plans for the future. In return for giving this feedback and answering surveys, members receive points which can be exchanged for gift vouchers or credits on your rent account.

We passed the Jobs and Skills survey feedback about employment and learning needs to the Jigsaw Employment Team which, as a result, allowed us to make some improvements:

‘You Said’
63% of our Jigsaw Rewards members who completed the survey told us that they would like to improve their skills and knowledge by accessing free training.

‘We Did’
The team contacted everyone by phone or email to suggest a service or activity to meet their individual needs. Many people expressed uncertainty about their employment prospects and were considering a change of career or setting up their own business which we were able to help with.

‘You Said’
18% of members who completed the survey told us that they were currently unemployed and would like support finding a job.

‘We Did’
Online work clubs have been set up to temporarily replace the face-to-face engagement currently suspended due to COVID restrictions. These started in January and have enabled residents to access vital support remotely.

‘You Said’
27% of those who completed the survey said that they felt mental health and low confidence were barriers that affected their job seeking activity.

‘We Did’
We helped five residents signed up to Mental Health Awareness online training. Others had support with Customer Service training, CV writing support, confidence building, job applications and improving their digital skills. Five successful applications were made to the SUSSED IT grant funding scheme with £500 awarded to each resident to help them start their own business.

Chris (Rewards User) said; “Thanks for inviting me to the panel and making sure I didn’t lose my place due to internet issues last month. I have enjoyed using Zoom and will of course be happy to join any further panels as I think this gives tenants an inside perspective of what goes on and helps them to influence the way forward.
Keep safe all and see you soon.”

We’re very grateful to everyone who took the time to share their experiences with us.

Your views have helped us to improve and refine our services to you.

If you have not already registered, please visit our Jigsaw Rewards website and sign up today!

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