It’s Show Time thanks to Ensemble Theatre

It’s Show Time thanks to Ensemble Theatre

Ensemble Theatre Inclusive Arts group in Denton got ready to break a leg for a performance of their latest play MISSION which was showcased at the Premier Lounge in Audenshaw.

The theatre group aims to bring people together and create more community cohesion through the use of expressive arts, dance, community theatre and inclusive arts.

Jigsaw’s Neighbourhood Engagement Team supported the production of the play and helped the group to achieve their goal of performing on stage with an audience.

The intergenerational cast brought high energy and fun to Tameside with a spectacular script written by the group founder Janet Fagan.

Janet said: “The performance was a success and all the community members involved helped out with set lighting, making pieces of costume and helping to support the event. Young people grew in confidence and self-esteem and learnt so much about health and wellbeing, friendships and expressive arts”.