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Our neighbourhood services
We’ve recently made some changes to our neighbourhood team which will now operate across all of our locations in the North West and East Midlands as part of Jigsaw Homes Group.

The changes will help to improve communities and promote better tenant scrutiny and engagement with a focus on targeting work where it’s needed through our new neighbourhood plans set to launch in April 2019.
Neighbourhood Plans
We take pride in our neighbourhoods and want to work with our residents to achieve our mission of ‘Creating homes. Building lives’.

Our neighbourhood plans help us to achieve this.

These plans take on board feedback from employees, residents and partners who work in your community and take into consideration a number of performance indicators such as satisfaction levels.
Jigsaw Foundation
Jigsaw Foundation is an exciting new £500,000 fund to support local projects run by charities, resident and community groups, voluntary organisations, social enterprises and partner agencies.

Applications are open for this year! With funding up to £25,000 voted on by tenants through our Jigsaw Rewards surveys.
Resident Scrutiny at Jigsaw
Jigsaw Homes recruit two Resident Scrutiny Panels per year. The panel scrutinise the services of Jigsaw Homes and feed into detailed board reports to help improve their services.
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