Ruffley House – Simply the Best

Ruffley House – Simply the Best

Jigsaw Support residents and staff have been trying their hands at poetry during lockdown. Here is a poem written by Frances Cook, a bank/casual worker
who has worked at Ruffley House for 19 years. Ruffley House, part of the Bridges services, provides accommodation to women and children and is funded by Tameside Council.

Simply the Best

I’m so proud to be part of the Ruffley staff, we’ve stressed, we’ve cried, we have had a laugh
We keep on going when things are sad; we take the good with the bad
We help the customers to talk and share; we do our roles and show we care.
During Covid we’ve done lots of things.
We do quizzes and crafts and even sing.
Emma and Jo they are amazing, they really are a treasure.
They are the glue to our team keeping us all together.
These times are hard of that I’m sure, but come on Ruffley we know the score.
They never whinge, they never shout, an amazing team I have no doubt.
So during lockdown we will be put to the test, but always remember you are SIMPLY THE BEST.

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