Staying Fire Safe

Staying Fire Safe

Tameside Hoarders Helping Hoarders peer support group visited Bury Fire and Training Safety Centre to learn ways to protect themselves and reduce the risk of fire and other dangers.

Those exhibiting hoarding behaviours have a significant increased risk of fire due to the number of possessions they may have. Their exit routes can become blocked, making safe evacuation more difficult and fires can also spread much faster, especially where there are flammable items such as newspapers or cardboard.

Eight members attended the centre alongside Jayne Mee, Jigsaw’s Hoarding Specialist, Sue Cox, Jigsaw’s Head of Neighbourhoods, and Alison Kenworthy and colleagues from Ashton Pioneer Homes as well as Greg Brunt from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.

The group was able to visit the immersive theatre at the centre and spent time in the full-scale house, learning about how to keep themselves and their families safe from fire

Tameside Hoarding Peer Support Group meet every fortnight at 4c Community Centre in Ashton and the next meeting will take place on 11 January.