Keeping Residents Safe and Warm

Keeping Residents Safe and Warm

Residents in Ashton recently attended a winter warmer advice event to help them combat fuel poverty.

Minaz Aslam, Jigsaw’s Neighbourhood Engagement Officer, led the event alongside Nicola Woods from Ashton Pioneer Homes at Rycroft House.

Around 10 residents attended, and each received a winter warmer pack, enjoyed a hot drink and were able to chat with each other in a warm environment.

The event was also an opportunity to refer people to Jigsaw’s energy fund and provide opportunities for further support both internally and externally through visits and additional funding.

Anne, a Jigsaw Homes resident, said: “I am so glad I came; I am very grateful to Minaz for coming along today and giving me some useful tips on what changes I can make at home to save on my energy costs. I am a pensioner and times are really hard, so I am so grateful to Jigsaw for all that they do for us and the winter warmer pack I have received today will really help me through.”