EU Settlement Scheme

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After June 2021, European Treaty rights for the free movement of people will no longer apply in the UK. European Citizens will come under normal immigration rules.

The EU Settled Status (EUSS) Scheme allows European Nationals living in the UK to obtain a permanent immigration status before this happens.

As of 2019 this is a new immigration status and affects people’s rights to housing, healthcare, education and access to certain benefits so you need to act now if you haven’t already!

Status Types

There are 2 status types Settled and Pre-Settled.

Settled Status:
If you have already been resident in the country for 5+ years you can apply for settled status and will be granted indefinite leave to remain.

Pre-Settled Status: If you have been resident in the country for less than 5 years you can apply for pre-settled status and will be granted limited leave to remain but you can apply for settled status at your 5 year point. This is a digital status (you will receive no paper document) and it replaces the current right to reside checks.

Further Information

Information and Guidance

Online Assistance

Alternative Support Organisations

Immigration Advisers

Tameside CAB can also offer help as follows:

Advice line: 0300 330 9076

Jigsaw’s Money Advice Team
(Please leave your contact details and we will respond accordingly)


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