Roof Replacement

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Roof Replacement Programme

At Jigsaw, we replace hundreds of roofs every year. It is a big job and planned in advance, so we replace them as part of a nine month programme with work scheduled throughout the year. While you may not be contacted straight away, rest assured we are doing everything we can to do this as efficiently as possible with minimal disruption to you.

Preventing Damage to Your Home During the Works

Every effort will be made to prevent damage to internal ceilings, however on occasion there maybe impact or water damage. If this happens, please report to the contractor directly and they will arrange for repairs to be made.

We will also do our best to prevent damage to plants and lawns, however this is not always possible especially where there is heavy rain or snow and ice during the work period. Please allow a season for your grass and plants to recover naturally.

Gas Safety During the Works

Depending on the type of gas appliances in your home and where they are, our contractors will arrange for a gas engineer to switch them off in the morning during the work. You will have no heating or hot water during this time. They will then come back in the evening to turn on and test them. Please allow the gas engineer to do this otherwise the work will be delayed.

Scaffolding & Exterior Fittings

To allow our team to work safely we will need to put scaffolding up outside your home. We may need to move or adjust pipe work and external wall fixings such as a satellite dish and aerials etc.

When we have finished we will make sure we replace all items and that the area around your home is left safe and tidy at the end of each working day.

Making Sure There Is No Asbestos Present

Your home may need an asbestos survey before works can begin. If you are contacted by our approved asbestos surveyors, please allow them to check all rooms to avoid delay to your roof works.

Checking for Wildlife & Protected Species

The outside of your property will also be assessed by an Ecologist for signs of wildlife activity before we start work. If there are any signs that your property is a habitat for protected species we will let you know what happens next.

Important Advice During the Works

Your Windows
While we are working on your home (between the hours of 8.00am to 5.00pm) all windows should be kept closed. Remember to lock your windows when your house is unoccupied. Remember, if you can see out of your windows, then any other person can see in.

Your Loft
If you have any items of significance in your loft area these must be removed by yourselves before we start work to protect them from dirt debris, moisture and accidental damage. Insurance companies describe items stored in roofs as of “questionable value”; a view that has also been adopted by the roofing industry and housing providers.
Unfortunately, no claims for damage shall be considered within this area as it is not a habitable space.

General Care
Please note, any place where construction work is happening can be potentially dangerous places for children. While every effort is made to secure these areas, please be extra careful at this time and do not allow children to climb on or play around the area. Always be aware of the possibility of falling debris. If you need to leave your property while work is taking place, please make sure it is safe to do so.

Your Garden

Please remove any:

  • Hanging baskets/ plants
  • Flower pots
  • Ornaments
  • Rabbit hutches/kennels
  • Storage boxes
  • Sheds
  • Other garden furniture

This will prevent them from being disturbed/damaged and will allow us to carry out the works with the least amount of disturbance possible.
Lift any decking boards to allow scaffolding to be correctly erected directly on the ground.

Make sure your vehicles are not parked under or near the area of works. You must arrange for any SORN vehicles to be moved to an alternative location.
No claims will be considered where these instructions have been ignored, or you have made no reasonable effort to move or protect them.

Keeping your Home in Good Repair
Until your home benefits from a new roof, we need to make sure that your current roof remains in a good state of repair keeping you and your family safe and dry.

If you do notice anything that requires a repair, please report it to us in the usual way.

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