Homes contents insurance

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Insuring your home contents

This home contents insurance has been arranged for tenants and leaseholders of Jigsaw Group tenants and leaseholders by Aon through Aviva.

When you take out home contents insurance, your household goods and contents will be insured whilst in your home against events such as fire, theft or flooding. The insurance also covers theft of your keys and the contents in your freezer. There is also cover for personal liability. There is no cover for wear and tear or mechanical breakdown.

What are you covered for

Please refer to the insurance product information document below, which details the main circumstances that are covered (e.g. fire, theft, water damage).

How to apply

Complete the application form enclosed with this pack.

Please make sure you answer all the questions on the application and sign the declaration. Please also complete the payments page to show your preferred payment method.

If you need help completing the form, please contact:
Home Contents Insurance Section, Jigsaw Homes Group Limited. Tel: 0161-331 2221.

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