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General, Jigsaw Rewards, You Said We Did | 01/11/2023
We have a WINNER!

We recently ran a prize draw giving Jigsaw Rewards users the chance to win £300 worth of shopping vouchers. Once more, the response was tremendous with even more residents registering…

Jigsaw Rewards, Scrutiny | 06/10/2023
Scrutiny Panel: Damp and Mould

Our resident scrutiny panel recently met for their final meeting as part of the Damp and Mould scrutiny. 

Jigsaw Rewards, You Said We Did | 15/08/2023
You Said We Did: Complaints Policy Review 2023

A total of 178 Jigsaw Rewards members took part in this consultation as part of the annual review of the Jigsaw Complaints Policy. There was strong support for all key…

Jigsaw Rewards, You Said We Did | 10/07/2023
You Said We Did: Scrutinise This Website Again

Resident scrutiny takes place twice a year and involves groups of residents taking a close look at how certain areas of our organisation are being run.

Jigsaw Rewards | 04/07/2023
Win £300 Worth of Retail Vouchers!

Simply complete a survey* between 01 July 2023 and 01 October 2023 to be entered in to our FREE PRIZE DRAW to win one of our top prizes! Prizes Available:…

Jigsaw Rewards, You Said We Did | 30/06/2023
You Said We Did: Key Performance Indicators Survey 2023

At Jigsaw we monitor how we are doing by looking at important statistics about the organisation, known as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It’s really important to us to be transparent…

Jigsaw Rewards, Scrutiny | 12/06/2023
Scrutiny Panel: Damp and Mould

Following their first meeting in April, our Resident Scrutiny Panel on Damp and Mould will meet again on Wednesday 14 June.

Gardens & Allotments, General, In Your Area, Jigsaw Foundation, Jigsaw Rewards, Neighbourhood | 30/05/2023
Jigsaw Group Gardening Competition Now Open!

Do you have a creative garden, yard, window box, lawn or hanging basket? Whether you have a huge garden, a collection of tubs on your balcony/patio or a shared space…

Jigsaw Rewards, You Said We Did | 20/04/2023
You Said We Did: Neighbourhood Plans Survey

This Jigsaw Rewards survey asked residents for their views on what information should be contained within the new Neighbourhood Plans. These are documents, which our Neighbourhood Engagement team use to…

Jigsaw Rewards, Scrutiny | 06/04/2023
Scrutiny Review – Void Loss

Our final scrutiny panel took place on 14 December 2022 with residents from across the Group to discuss Income – Key risk – Money lost through properties undergoing void works.